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  • Marina Surgan Live 1 (CD)
  • Marina Surgan Live 2 (CD)
  • Marina Surgan Live 3 (CD)
  • Marina Surgan Live 4 (CD)

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  • Marina Surgan - Live 1 (Sheet Music)
    Marina Surgan Sheet Music for Ballet Class Vol 1
  • Marina Surgan - Live 2 (Sheet Music)
    Marina Surgan Sheet Music for Ballet Class Vol 2
  • Marina Surgan - Live 3 (Sheet Music)
    Marina Surgan Sheet Music for Ballet Class Vol 3

Customers are Saying:

Your CD for class music is among the most outstanding CDs I have used.  Thank you for putting your skill and your heart into this music.  The classical ballet teacher can use this music without having to adapt planned exercises.  Your art nurtures and motivates the students, as their budding artistry responds to the warmth, wisdom and enthusiasm that pour from your CD.

Joan Kunsch, Associate Director Connecticut's Nutmeg Conservatory for the Arts

I have taught ballet in Japan and in the United States for over 10 years.  I tend to prefer to use a reliable class CD rather than working with a live accompanist who is unable to meet my needs.  I have searched and collected over 50 ballet music CDs - class and variations.  Most of the time I am disappointed and find many or most of the tracks useless.  However, Marina's music is exceptional!!!  All the tracks are useful with the right dance tempo and inspiring melody for my students at different levels.  When I use the same CD, I usually become tired of listening to the same music after a few classes.  However, Marina's music is different.  It sounds fresh every time I play it.  I highly recommend Marina Surgan - Live and her variation CD for serious ballet students.

Taeko Nishino, JGP Coordinator and Assistant to the Artistic Director Japan Grand Prix Artistic Director Chula Vista Ballet

Marina Surgan plays for ballet class with a level of artistry and passion that truly inspires dancers. Her music energizes Allegro, gives pirouettes a rhythmic pizzazz, and adds breathtaking phrasing to adage. 

Anuschka RoesManager, Teacher Training Program Canada's National Ballet School

There is no greater pleasure for a dancer than music which inspires personal expressions, and there is no question that Marina Surgan, principal pianist for Canada's National Ballet School is blessed with this gift

students and staff of the NBS

Je tiens à vous témoigner toute ma gratitude pour vos partitions que j'adore jouer pendant les cours de danse.
J'accompagne la danse classique depuis 35 ans , j'ai des tonnes de musiques différentes mais je vous avoue que j'ai rarement eu autant de plaisir à jouer. Depuis que j'ai découvert vos compositions, je me régale !

Fan from France

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